Sherman Bowling Center Doubles Tournament

10/19/2014 11:00am

The Sherman Bowling Center Doubles Tournament, with a $500 1st Place Prize. If your team is interested in participating in this years Doubles Tournament, or would like more information: CLICK HERE

Sherman Bowling Center Team Tournament

11/15/2014 11:00am

Team Tournament at Sherman Bowling Center, and a top prize of $1,000. For more information on this years Team Tournament: CLICK HERE

2nd Annual Muskegon Invitational

11/15/2014 11:00am

Co-Sponsored by Blue Point Brewing Company, and with a 1st place prize of $1,500, for more information: CLICK HERE

8 Game Scratch Sweeper

1/18/2015 11:00am

A $500 first place prize for this 8 game series. For more information about this tournament: CLICK HERE

King of the Hill Tournament

2/22/2015 11:00am

King of the Hill Elimination style tournament in February, has a $500 1st place prize. For more information: CLICK HERE

Sherman Bowling Center Baker Team Tournament

3/7/2015 10:00am

Baker Team tournament at Sherman Bowling Center, March 7th 2015 with a $1,000 1st place payout. More Information: CLICK HERE

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